Bart Allan Miller Became One of the Fastest Growing Executives in His Network Marketing Company’s History, and Earned the Title of “Trainer of the Year” His First Year… All While Running Three Other Profitable Online Businesses and Raising a Family in a Small Town in Idaho.

Bart Miller, Speaker, Trainer, Coach
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SUCCESS LOVES SPEED, and when it comes to Bart Allan Miller, “Higher, Faster, Louder, Better” is the only way to do it!

Anyone who knows Bart immediately discovers his inherent attribute to TEACH and SHARE everything he learns. Bart does not want to be successful all by himself – he wants anyone and everyone he knows (who will listen) to be successful with him. That’s why Bart is such a great teacher, trainer, and coach!

Words he lives by?

“Success is about being able to look back and help others make the climb.”

Popular Presentation Topics

Bart is a fantastic speaker who can adjust his topics to any audience! However, some of his more popular topics include:


Finding Your Why

Whatever you are trying to be successful at in life, if you don’t know your WHY it will be much harder! Perhaps you have been trying to accomplish something through WILLPOWER alone? But did you know your WHY power is stronger than your WILL power? Bart will not only show you how to find your WHY, but will get you on the path to using that WHY power to light a fire under you to propel you to success!

Creating Your Story

If you are a network marketing company, knowing your story is paramount when introducing yourself and your business. Bart not only tells his story, of course, but will help your audiences learn how to create their own stories in clear, concise, yet powerful ways!

Success Loves Speed

Success Loves Speed! One of Bart’s favorite topics about how to get the ball rolling and why keeping it rolling gets faster results! Similar to when you are rotating your legs on a bike and then stop… it takes more energy and effort to get started again than if you had just kept your legs going. Success is the same way! Get started, keep moving, and watch your success build!