Meet Bart Allan Miller: Network Marketing Expert, Trainer, Coach, Marketer, Entrepreneur!

Meet Bart Miller, Executive and Trainer of the Year with SendOutCards (SOC). Bart has always been an ultimate networker at heart… as well as a teacher, trainer, and coach. It comes as no surprise to those who know him that he became an Executive in the company AND Trainer of the Year all within his first year with SendOutCards. Bart is often asked to speak nationally on social media as well as network marketing. He is innately motivated to help others find success and loves to help others make their dreams become a reality! If he knows ANYTHING at all that will help someone else become successful, he can’t help NOT sharing it.

Bart recently revolutionized the company’s marketing presentations by introducing gamification into the compensation plan. Before Bart’s evil marketing mind got to work on how to make the compensation plan easier for prospects to understand, SOC distributors were drawing circles on napkins or using salt and pepper shakers to try to describe how to make money (if you’ve ever been in network marketing, chances are you know exactly what we’re talking about!). Bart introduced his genius idea and the Mobile Pocket Presentation (MPP) was born! Distributors, immediately recognizing the value of the cards, started absolutely begging to get the MPP in their hands; consequently, SOC Corporate soon brought it directly into their SOC Shop as a main business building tool. The most rewarding part of all of that has been fellow distributors introducing themselves, shaking Bart’s hand, and thanking him for giving them a tool that has helped their business grow… sometimes with tears in their eyes.

Aside from SendOutCards, Sunny and Bart have a successful online makeup school, Robert Jones Beauty Academy, a successful cycling blog (Cycling Strong) that is more of a hobby than a business, and an Amazon business that brings in over a million dollars in sales per year.

When Bart isn’t consumed with his SOC business (as well as the other fun online ventures he enjoys) you can find him cycling his guts out and spending time with his family.

Bart is an avid endurance cyclist with some pretty insane rides under his belt. Three time Leadville Finisher (and let’s not forget to mention the BIG BUCKLE Leadville finisher – meaning he cycled 100 miles in North America’s highest mountain bike race – 10,000 to 12,000 feet altitude – in under 9 hours) and three time LOTOJA finisher (this year he’s going for the win – 206 miles across three states in one day!), Bart knows what it’s like to train hard and have faith that time put in the RIGHT WAY will render great rewards. Of course, it’s a given these life lessons in cycling have transferred over to his business life… how can they NOT? Or… is it vice versa?!

Bart has been married to his partner-in-crime, Sunny, for the past 21 years. They have four of the greatest kids in the world (Mercedes, Cobe, Kenya, Xander) and love to spend time together in their Idaho home or just about wherever their life adventures take them. They love to sing together, work together, play together, travel together… as long as they’re together, what’s not to love?